‘Rams Remember Rams’ remembers community members lost

Meagan Stackpool

Family members, students, faculty and staff gathered Tuesday as part of Rams Remember Rams, an annual event dedicated to paying tribute to the students, alumni and staff who died. 

Below is the list of names CSU remembers. 


George Angleton

Parviz “Paul” Azari

Brian Paul Becker

Paul E. Bengford

David C. Belshe

Camille Ann Blue

Bert L. Bohmont

Betty L. Burk

Daniel Ryan Carrier

Sharon Powell Cooper


S. John Dackawich

Finnegan Robert Daly

David Stanley “Stan” Eitzen

Norman Allen Evans

W. Don Fronk

Jack R. Fenwick

H. Howard Frisinger II

Anthony “Tony” Mark Garcia

Henry Lewis Gholtz

Peter Mandel Hall

Michael James Hanna

Richard Thomas “Dick” Hill

Douglas Carl Hittle

Jonna Marie Isaak

Meredith Maureen Jesser

Javance Jones

Herald R. Kaufman

Eric Neil Kudlow

Amelia “Amie” Lehman

William V. Lumb

Rachael Maureen Max

Danny “Dan” James McGrew

Jennifer Gwyn McLain

Savannah Leigh McNealy

C. Dean Miller

Julius George Nagy

Joshua Donald Nathan

Daniel Miller Ogden

Darrell Bruce Perkins

Robert “Bob” Eliot Pierson

Sheridan Leigh Potter

Ernest A. Salas

Neva Van Cleave Shadley

Herbert Noval Sandifer

Austin Patrick Sherwood

Rodney Kenneth Skogerboe

Melissa Ann Trifiletti

Evangelos C. “Evan” Vlachos

Clare Marie Wilber

Joshua Marlow Williams

Dale Richard Winder

“We started this event a couple of years ago because we want people to think of CSU as a family. When we lose a member of our community it is like losing a family member,” CSU President Tony Frank said. “We wanted to take time to remember those people who have been such an important part of the life of this institution and of our lives collectively.”

The event began at 5:00 p.m. and lasted 30 minutes. The crowd gathered on the steps of the Administrative building, and then moved to the center of the Oval during a candle light processional. The event began with Mainstreet Acapella singing the Alma Mater, and a short speech from Tony Frank. 

“Today CSU remembers the hearts and minds of her people” Frank said in his speech. “(Those that died) graced us with their presence during their lives, and they live on in our memory.”

After Frank’s speech, Vice President Blanche Hughes and Provost Rick Miranda read aloud a list of names of those lost. After a moment of silence, Taps was played by junior music education major, Kule Tong. The crowd then processed to the center of the Oval as Mainstreet Acapella sang “The Sound of Silence”. 

“Even though I didn’t know most of the people on that list, I knew some people,” Hughes said. “I think it just makes people feel good to know that people are going to be missed and they made a contribution to the University, and we want to remember that. We want to remember that they were here and that they made a difference.”

Christopher Lamb, the spiritual care resident for the Spiritual Care Team, gave a short closing speech. 

“There is power in coming together like this to remember and to honor those that have died,” Lamb said. “As we share in holding our grief, the load becomes just a little bit lighter. Through loving, and losing and loving still, we affirm our humanity.”

After closing remarks, Mainstreet Acapella sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Members of the Counseling Department as well as the Spiritual Care Team were available to talk if anyone needed to. 

Candles were provided to any who wanted to light one in memorial. The non-denominational Danforth Chapel held a silent reflection until 6 p.m.

Hughes verbalized the importance of remembering those who have died at an event such as Rams Remember Rams. 

“Its okay to take a moment to say we miss them, they made a difference in our lives,” Hughes said. “We’re doing that together so you don’t have to do that alone.”

Collegian reporter Meagan Stackpool can be reached at news@collegian.com or on Twitter @meaganstackpool