Alumni Association holds upcoming “I Love CSU Day” for students to show Ram pride

Matthew Bailey

The Colorado State University Alumni Association will be holding “I Love CSU Day” this Wednesday, a day for students to show their Ram pride and celebrate CSU.

“We have a governor’s proclamation every year that signs April 18 over as ‘I Love CSU Day,’ and so it’s a day just to show your colors and be excited about the university,” Amy Jo Miller, Director of Marketing and Communications at CSU, said.


During “I Love CSU Day,” there will be green hearts planted across campus, mainly outdoors near the academic areas of campus where students will be walking from class to class.

The Alumni Association is not only aiming only make a visual impact on campus with the green hearts, but it is also seeking to spread engagement on campus, Miller said.

Students can take a heart when they find one and bring it over to the Smith Alumni Center in exchange for free coffee and donuts.

“I think it’s going to take a little bit for that to catch on and for people to understand that they can actually take the hearts, but the point there is to just seek some engagement around that and bring people back to the Alumni Center,” Miller said.

Students are highly encouraged to wear green clothing and CSU gear during “I Love CSU Day” to display Ram pride and to spread green all around campus, and to post selfies on social media platforms using #ILoveCSUDay, Miller said.

There will be people riding around campus on golf carts during “I Love CSU Day” looking for people dressed in green clothing and CSU gear, and they will be handing out swag from Athletics and the CSU bookstore, items from the Alumni Association and CSU bookstore coupons, Miller said.

There will also be some activities taking place at the Student Recreation Center and the Morgan Library, and the CSU Police Department and the Health Center will also be involved.

The Alumni Association will be conducting a social campaign during “I Love CSU Day.” The campaign will be directed towards CSU alumni across the nation in which they can share why they love CSU.

The overriding purpose of “I Love CSU Day” is for students to show their pride in CSU.

“The main thing is for students to be seen wearing green,” Miller said. “That’s really the big message that we want to get out, to wear your green, wear your ram gear and deck yourself out with your ram pride on Wednesday. Hopefully you get to take advantage of some of the cool things that are happening because of that.”


Collegian reporter Matt Bailey can be reached at or on Twitter @mattnes1999