Corbett, Parmelee Dining Halls closed until Fall 2018 for renovations

Meagan Stackpool

The Corbett and Parmelee dining halls are now officially closed until next fall.

Parmelee Hall
Parmelee Hall and Corbett Hall’s conjoined dining centers closed March 1. The dining halls are undergoing renovations to become the Foundry. (Matt Tackett | Collegian)

The dining halls closed their doors March 1, but both are scheduled to reopen Aug. 15, wrote Marianne Wieghaus, the associate director of communications for Colorado State University’s Housing and Dining Services.


The conjoined dining halls are undergoing renovations to further combine and modernize the space.

Liz Poore, director of Residential Dining Services wrote in a statement to the Collegian that the new space will be known as the Foundry.

“The Foundry is a new, exciting and different concept for campus dining that our students and guests haven’t seen before,” Poore wrote.

Those who frequented the Parmelee Dining Hall for the halal and kosher options can still find those options at the Durrell Center and Durrell Express upon request.

While the Corbett and Parmelee Dining Halls are under construction, students have other options for late night dining.

Both Durrell Center and Allison Hall extended their dining hours to accommodate the influx of students, Wieghaus wrote.

After renovations, the dining hall itself will feature eight distinct micro-restaurants and will combine the space once taken up by both Parmelee and Corbett, Weighaus wrote.

The Corbett Hall lounge is also being renovated, since it is the largest residence hall on campus, and the lobby is a key space for residents, wrote Assistant Director of Residence Life Helena Gardner. Gardner wrote that Residence Life looks forward to the revitalization of the space and welcoming students to it next fall.

On May 12, after finals and move outs, crews will begin to transform the lounge into an innovative new space for students to spend their time.

They will work through the summer in efforts to have everything done before students return to campus.


Pictures of what both the new dining hall and lobby are supposed to look like are up on the Housing and Dining Services website under “The Foundry.”

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