University President Tony Frank responds to government shutdown

Austin Fleskes

In an email to all Colorado State University students and staff early Saturday, CSU President Tony Frank responded to the recent news of the government shutdown in Washington, D.C. 

According to an article by CNN Politics, the Senate Republicans and Democrats “were unable to agree on a stopgap funding measure to continue government services,” in the moments leading up to the midnight deadline on Friday, Jan. 19. 


Frank began his email by expressing that, at this point, CSU does not see any potential for any serious disruption, as reports indicate that the shutdown is expected to be short-term. 

However, Frank did include what he expects for CSU as a result of the shutdown:

  • At this time, Frank does not anticipate any impacts on student financial aid, veterans benefits or federally funded research projects. The campus will be updated if the shutdown continues longer than expected.
  • While most of the CSU workforce is not affected by the shutdown, some CSU employees on federal grants, contracts, and work-study may be affected if the shutdown continues longer than anticipated. President Frank and CSU will provide more information for those employees as needed. Employees who are partially or fully funded through federal grants or contracts, or who otherwise work on or with federal agencies or facilities should assume that work will continue as usual unless notified otherwise. 

Frank continued his email by stressing that while things are uncertain now, the students and staff of CSU will remain updated on the situation. 

“Obviously, there is a great deal of uncertainty right now, and we are watching the government’s actions very closely and working to respond as best we can,” Frank wrote in his email address.

President Frank also urged any individuals with questions or concerns that are wished to be considered to email

“In the meantime, we believe our best approach is to manage this shutdown as we have handled these in the past,” Frank wrote. “Stay calm, respond as we can, and wait and see how this unfolds over the next few days.”

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