Bean Cycle Roasters, Half Crown Creative collecting blankets, sheets for Blanket Fort Collins

Austin Fleskes

The poster, posted on the Bean Cycle Roasters Instagram, explains the details of the event as well as when to donate and where to go for the actual event.
(Photo courtesy of the Bean Cycle Roasters Instagram)

Bean Cycle Roasters and Half Crown Creative in Fort Collins will be holding their Blanket Fort Collins event Feb. 2-Feb. 4. 

The announcement was given via the Bean Cycle Roasters Instagram page in the form of a poster explaining the details of the event. 


Donations of blankets and sheets began on Jan. 19 and will continue until Jan. 31. 

Once all donations have been collected, the Bean Cycle will construct a “giant public blanket fort” for all ages from Feb. 2-Feb. 4. During this time, the Bean Cycle will continue to sell coffee to patrons and will be playing movies for all who attend. 

All materials that are donated for this event will later be donated to the Fort Collins Rescue Mission.

Those who wish to donate either blankets or sheets can go to the Bean Cycle location on 144 N. College Avenue to drop off their donations. 

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