CSU student creates web development company

Julia Trowbridge

two men look at a computer
Nick Bosso is the marketing manager of Flux Teck and a junior studying marketing at CSU. Jonathan Emig is the creator of Flux Teck and a junior studying engineering science at CSU. (Julia Trowbridge | Collegian)

Juggling his education at Colorado State University and soccer practice, Jonathan Emig shows ambition for being able to grow his own company.

Jonathan Emig, a junior studying engineering science, started Flux Teck, a web developing company, that designs websites or mobile applications for small or large businesses. His company got its first recognition after Emig’s freshman year of college when he was contacted by Science Application and Research Associates to create two websites.


“I was inspired by Elon Musk and what he was doing, and I wanted to do something similar in magnitude,” Emig said. “The goal was to start as early as I possibly could.”

Flux Teck currently focuses on web design, but Emig hopes to grow the company into the broader field of creative engineering. According to Emig, most young engineers find excitement in using their creativity to build things out of Legos, and he wants to bring that excitement aspect to the professional world. Bringing this excitement into the professional world of engineering is the reason Emig thinks his company will be and should be a success.

“I think starting a creative company will work well because people on the projects will be inspired by their own ideas,” Emig said. “And because of that, (employees) would be more motivated to get the project done.”

Currently, Flux Teck is in its beginning growth stages, but according to Nick Bosso, a junior studying marketing and Flux Teck’s marketing manager, the company has quickly expanded. Emig  currently has two other programmers employed by Flux Teck and is working on a few projects in addition to completing his education.

Emig approached Bosso for the job opportunity as Flux Teck’s marketing manager in order to better get the word out for his company. Bosso said he has faith that the company would take off and wants to stay with the company for as long as he can, knowing Emig is an intelligent and motivated student.

“I’ve had people come to me with project ideas before and ask me to help them,” Bosso said, explaining that he turned down previous offers. “I knew Jonathan was passionate and knew he was smarter than most people I’ve met. (Flux Teck) is going to take off and it’s going to be big, and I want to help as much as I can.”

Emig looks at code on his computer
Jonathan Emig is a CSU student and the founder of Flux Tech. Emig started learning how to program right after high school and has learned many programming languages in addition to how to create websites. (Julia Trowbridge | Collegian)

In addition to his professional work, Emig has a decent amount of computer programming experience in the classroom. Based on a class project where the group created a device that translates pixel brightness into sound waves as an aide to those with blindness, Professor Olivera Notaros, a professor in the College of Engineering, is not surprised that Emig has started his own web design  company.

“(Emig) is a motivated and hard worker,” Notaros said. “It’s not surprising that he’s starting a company on the side, he’s shown that motivation. I wouldn’t be surprised if he succeeds and accomplishes a lot (with the company).”

Overall, Emig and his employees are confident that the company will be successful, even though it is in its beginning stages.

“(Emig) is really talented,” Bosso said. “I have full faith that he will find a way to make this work.”


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