CSU student government extends impeachment procedures one week

Haley Candelario

The impeachment process of student body president Josh Silva was extended another week Wednesday night as the University’s continues to investigate the Associated Students of Colorado State University’s president.

Chair of the impeachment committee and Chief Justice Brittany Anderson said the committee voted to extend the procedure another week in order to review evidence that was submitted following their ratification at last week’s senate session.


“The committee needs this time to meet in a group and go over evidence, that way the committee will determine what evidence is relevant before moving on to the next stage in this process,” Anderson said.

Anderson reminded the senate body that anyone can still submit evidence to any member of the impeachment committee, and all names will be redacted unless otherwise specified.

Impeachment procedures have been underway since the first senate session of the academic year, but did not move forward until last week.

Sen. Cerridwyn Nordstrom brought forth the first impeachment petition against Silva with claims that he violated the ASCSU Constitution for not presenting a bill to the senate body that would fund a contract for the Wall Street Journal for students to access digitally and physically.

The Sept. 6 senate session was cancelled to meet with faculty advisors and for reasons outside of the organization’s control. The impeachment petition could not move forward at the Sept. 13 petition since a clause in the ASCSU governing documents requires that the finalized petition be brought forth a week after the document is submitted.

Nordstrom redacted her initial impeachment petition, but brought forth a second petition which claimed Silva violated the ASCSU Code of Ethics for disrespecting others and discriminating against them. Additional accusations included that Silva harassed and verbally abused members of the executive branch, deleted and concealed emails and files in attempt to obstruct impeachment proceedings, and caused a lack of respect for others in the executive branch for having a consensual relationship.

The second petition was unable to move forward as the Office of Equal Opportunity launched their own investigation into Silva. The organization was advised not to continue with impeachment procedures.

Nordstrom brought forth a third impeachment petition against Silva which removed the allegations of disrespect and discrimination. The petition was finalized during last week’s session, and the impeachment committee was ratified. Silva is accused of  failing to inform the senate body of the Wall Street Journal contract, failing to create a job description for himself, and attempting to obstruct impeachment procedures by deleting and concealing emails.

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