Car flipped in residential area at intersection of Fairview Drive and Springfield Drive

Ty Betts

A Jeep Grand Cherokee was found rolled onto its side on the intersection of Fairview and Springfield, a residential area with a speed limit of 25 mph.

Firefighters examine damage to the rolled vehicle.
Firefighters examine damage to a rolled vehicle at Fairview and Springfield Drive (Ty Betts | Collegian)

The car appeared to have slid across the side of a parked Jeep. Colton Hood, owner of the Jeep said he saw his car had been hit after he got home from a test.


“The fender has fallen off, the rear bumper is damaged and my car has been pushed three or four feet into the sidewalk.” Hood said.

The woman, who could not be identified and who collided with Hood’s car, later returned to the scene of the accident to get her things from the car.

“Always wear your seat belt,” she said. “As a sober driver, always wear your seat belt because this can happen even when you’re sober.”

Tavlor Skudneski said he heard a loud bang from inside of his house, and when he went outside to check it out, he saw the car was rolled onto its side.

“There was a woman standing in the car and I asked if she was okay,” Skudneski said. “She just asked for her boyfriend and then took off down the street.”

Skudneski said the woman was not acting intoxicated and did not have any visible injuries.

Fort Collins Police Officer Julia Chenoweth said she arrived on the scene of the accident and the vehicle was unoccupied. She said police later met with the woman who had been driving the vehicle to asses the circumstances of the accident.  

“Witnesses said they saw a female running from the car, we have since contacted her, we are working on IDing her.” Chenoweth said.

Officer Will Biberos said the accident could have been a combination of vehicle malfunctions and driver error. Biberos said the driver has a court summons but is not under arrest at this time, and they do not think the driver was under the influence.

This is a developing story. The Collegian will update this article with more information as it becomes available.


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