What to expect for CSU on-campus stadium parking, tailgating

Stuart Smith

The on-campus stadium during construction. (Collegian File photo)

Editor’s Note: This article was updated at 6:32 p.m., Tuesday, April 25 to clarify information. Students living on campus will be required to return their cars to their normal lots by 7 a.m. Monday morning after game day. Students will also be allowed to park in the Research Boulevard parking lot. There will be a shuttle to and from all re-park and residence hall lots on game day weekends. Additionally, the parking lots of Allison, Parmelee, and Westfall Halls will be open to all students re-parking their cars.

When the new on-campus football stadium opens next year, game days will be drastically different than they have been in the past.


The Associated Students of Colorado State University, the University, and the City of Fort Collins are still working out the final details, and will continue to throughout the summer, but many decisions have already been made. Here is the most up-to-date information available now:


Re-park Program

Only three of the residence hall parking lots will be open for students to park in on game days, and every other residence hall lot will require residents to move their vehicles.

The re-park program will require residents to move their cars between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on the Friday evening before game day. Students living on campus will be able to move their cars back four hours after the game ends on Saturday, or midnight, whichever comes first. Residents of Westfall, Parmelee and Allison will not be required to move their cars, and any student living on campus will be able to park in those lots on game days.

Students re-parking can move their vehicles to the South College Avenue parking garage, the University Square parking lot and Research Boulevard parking lot. There will be a shuttle to give students who park in the Research Boulevard lot transportation to and from campus. However, they must move their cars from these lots by 7 a.m. Monday morning.

Getting to and from the game

Visitors will have various ways to get to campus for games in anticipation for the 40,000 attendees. Based on game attendance at Hughes Stadium during the 2016 season, 55 percent of the attendees will arrive by vehicle, 25 percent by bicycle or walking and 13 percent by transit. The remaining attendees are expected to be on-campus residents.

For every parking lot, there will be a designated way for attendees to leave campus. Those parking in lots northwest of the stadium will exit onto Shields Street. The parking lots on the far west side of campus will feed into College Avenue. The Lory Student Center, Morgan Library, Braiden Hall and Hartshorn Health Center parking lots will lead to Laurel Street, and those parking in the Lake Street garage will leave campus via Prospect Road.

Visitor Parking

Every parking lot other than the exempted north side residence hall lots will only be available to vehicles with game day parking permits, which will cost $100 for the whole season.

However, that $100 will only cover the parking lots farthest from the stadium, with the closer lots restricted to higher levels of donors. The closest parking spots to the campus were available for those who donated $10,000 or more to the stadium this season and those parking lots are sold out. As of now, the next highest level of parking lots available are for people or businesses who donated $2,500 to the stadium this season. These parking passes will be reset every season.

RV’s will be allowed to park in the Moby Arena parking lot. This lot requires a minimum $500 donation.

The neighborhoods surrounding campus will require parking permits, and the fine for parking in them without a permit will be $100.


Bicyclist accommodations

The University is also planning on accommodations for people who attend the game by bike.

The improvements to the infrastructure for bicyclists in Fort Collins that the University has been making to keep its Platinum rating for the League of American Bicyclists will also serve to facilitate bicyclists ways of getting to campus for games.

The University will have two bike valet stations near the stadium for bicyclists to drop off their bikes. Aaron Fodge, CSU’s manager of alternative transportation, said this service will be free. The University will encourage bicyclists to park their bikes in racks that are not immediately next to the new stadium.

Tailgating and Alcohol

The University will allow tailgating on campus. To facilitate this, the University has designated certain areas, including the parking lots of some dormitories as tailgating areas. However, according to Daniela Pineda Soracá, the president of ASCSU, alcohol will only be allowed in certain areas of campus.

Programmed tailgating, which will allow alcohol, will be on the field surrounding the Lagoon. Attendees 21 years and older will be allowed to bring their own beer, but no hard alcohol will be permitted. New Belgium Brewery will have a beer garden in the sculpture garden of the Lory Student Center.

Student organizations will be allowed to tailgate with alcohol in the parking lot of the TILT building (The Institute for Learning and Teaching). Pineda Soracá said that the details of how student organizations will get access to the lot are still in development.

Non-alcoholic tailgating will be allowed in most other parking lots, including those for the residence halls. However, no tailgating will be allowed in the parking structures on campus, such as the South Drive parking garage.

According to Pineda Soracáa, the Game Day Committee will continue to meet throughout the summer to finalize how game days will play out. They will also meet the Monday after the first game to evaluate how the day went and what improvements need to be made throughout the season.

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