Students disappointed by deterioration of Clark building, others unbothered

Stuart Smith

After administrators spoke on the state of building last week in response to the Rams for Representation’s call for renovation, students shared their experiences with the building.


Since being built in the 1960s, Clark has undergone few renovations. The last renovations to the building were done from 2008 to 2010, with most of those renovations being of the classrooms in the A and C wings of Clark.

Anthony Taylor, a junior, is an advocate for Clark being redone and is currently in the process of writing a proposal to renovate Clark to the University’s administration.

“I don’t think (Clark) is comparable to the buildings around it,” Taylor said. “The BSB… has a lot of amenities that Clark doesn’t have, when you expect Clark to be on the level of the BSB.”

One thing that stuck out to Taylor was that Clark does not have a fire system.

“If you look up in Clark, you’ll never find a sprinkler,” he said.

Taylor said he has heard of two instances of ceiling tiles falling in classrooms in Clark.

“One kid actually got struck in the head when one of the tiles in a class fell down,” Taylor said.

He said he also heard of a time when snow that compiled on the roof of Clark fell through a ceiling tile in Clark A and fell on a student during class.

Based on those two anecdotes, and as Taylor learned more about Clark, he realized that there was a problem.

“It’s easy to jump to conclusions with those isolated incidents,” he said. “But, as I started to do more research and get more educated about the building, the more I saw that it really was in need of some remodeling.”


According to Taylor, who has researched the building in order to work on his proposal, the classrooms in Clark C were abated of asbestos, but the hallways in the wing have not had asbestos removed. As reported in the Collegian last week, about 50 percent of all ceiling tiles in Clark C have asbestos.

As of March 1, outside of Clark A205 and A206, there is large hole in a ceiling tile, with an unidentified liquid dripping out and on to the floor.

hole in clark a.jpg
A hole in the ceiling of Clark A, above the door of A205. An unidentified liquid was dripping out of the hole and on to the floor (Stuart Smith | Collegian)

George Gromke, a senior at CSU, said that this type of building deterioration is common in Clark, but that the leak was pretty bad.

“You expect, especially at a college, for everything to be up to standard at least,” he said. “Especially in Clark A, where everyone has classes – basically every major.”

However, other students were more positive about Clark.

“On the outside, it’s not very appealing compared to all the other buildings,” said Jacob Alfieri, a sophomore engineering student. “But, inside the building in most of the big lecture rooms, I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary that seems odd or gross.”

“Some of the chairs seem a bit older, and squeak a bit,” Alfieri continued.

But, he said the lecture halls have up-to-date technology such as cameras, white boards, and anything a professor would need to present.

McKenna Shuler, a junior, was more negative about the building.

hole in clark a two.jpg
A closeup of a hole in the ceiling of Clark A, above the door of A205. An unidentified liquid was dripping out of the hole and on to the floor (Stuart Smith | Collegian)

“The classes themselves have been nice,” she said. “But, the classrooms… they could be improved.”

However, Michael Siegel, a sophomore, had only praise for the building.

“The technology and all the equipment in the Clark building seems to be on top and on par and running really well,” Siegel said. “The classrooms always seem nice and clean, and I like the big seating areas outside the classrooms around the perimeter of the building. I haven’t had any bad experiences in the Clark building.”

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