Mary Stromberger named new associate dean of Graduate School

Austin Fleskes

Mary Stromberger, a Colorado State University faculty member since 2001, has recently taken on the roll of associate dean of the CSU graduate school.

Stromberger has been the faculty chair since 2014 as well as being vice chair prior to the position of faculty chair. She has also served as the chair of the department of crops and soil for the college of agricultural science.


Late in the 2016 fall semester Stromberger, among other candidates, interviewed for the position and was chosen to become the new associate dean.

“The big thing for me is getting to work with faculty and department across campus to really help departments provide quality research, teaching and scholarly experience that will improve graduate students success,” said Stromberger. She said she wants to provide an experience for graduate students that will make them more successful and marketable.

Along with helping out the graduate student community Stromberger will be working with faculty across campus to support the student success initiative of the graduate school.

Stromberger plans to put together professional development workshops for graduate students and organize the Graduate Showcase. The showcase is a one-day conference for graduate students to present work, talents and network with students and faculty, according to the CSU graduate student showcase website.

Stromberger said she will also be active in diversity initiatives throughout the university such as the Bridge to the Doctorate program. The program is a grant which funds minority students who are pursuing a graduate degree in a science field.

Stromberger said she believes this is an opportunity for her to continue to work with the graduate students to try and make CSU the best place it can be for them. She said she wants to really set them up so they will be successful.

“I’m really excited about it. The staff at the graduate school are great,” said Stromberger. “I’m really excited for the opportunity to keep working with faculty and their graduate students.”

Current dean of the graduate school Jodie Hanzlik was among the committee that interviewed Stromberger for the position and was the deciding factor on Stromberger getting the position.

“She has many strengths. She has been the chair of faculty council for three terms now so she is tuned in to issues because of that position and is very aware of the systems on campus and has a basic understanding of how CSU functions as a university,” said Hanzlik. “She really gets what CSU does.”

Stromberger began working part-time as the associate dean in January this year and will take the position full-time on Aug. 10 this year.


As her time increases in the position Stromberger will work with Hanzlik on different initiatives as well as strategic planning to take the graduate school in the way they want to see it go.

“I’m very excited to be working with her. I think we will make a great team,” said Hanzlik. “I think we will be able to move some good initiatives forward for our graduate students.”

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