Muslim, immigrant solidarity event to occur Tuesday

Rachel Telljohn

Fort Collins community members and Colorado State University students will stand in solidarity with their Muslim and immigrant neighbors on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

From 12 – 1 p.m., in Rolland Moore Park, a demonstration will occur. The event, Standing in Solidarity with Our Immigrant and Muslim Neighbors, will be put on by Fort Collins for Progress, Northern Colorado Action Network and A Rise to Action, local community activist organizations.


Attendees are encouraged to create and bring signs with them to the event. Suggested sign slogans include “Build Bridges NOT walls,” “We love our Immigrant and Muslim Neighbors,” “No Human Being Is Illegal” or “We Are All Immigrants.”

The organizations are asking for attendees to keep clear of the sidewalk and street, as the event will take place down the street from Sen. Cory Gardner’s office, according to the Facebook page.

Letters on the topic of Muslim neighbors, immigrant neighbors, or both, are also encouraged. The organizations are hoping to send a small group of people to Gardner’s office with the letters, in addition to petitions, which will be available for signing at the event. The petition is also advertised and can be signed online prior to the event.

There will also be speakers during the one hour event.

In addition to promoting solidarity with Muslim and immigrant neighbors, the organizations describe part of their overarching goals as an organization on their Facebook page. The organizations believe they are calling the community to stand on the right side of history, to build bridges and not walls, to also protect the rights of immigrants and ensure that local law enforcement serves the community.

The Standing in Solidarity event is one of many events to take place in the weeks following the inauguration.

Collegian reporter Rachel Telljohn can be reached at or on Twitter @racheltelljohn.