Students evacuate Yates after smelling gas Thursday night

Haley Candelario

Students and instructors evacuated Yates Hall Thursday night after smelling gas in the classrooms.

Risk and Public Safety Communications Manager Dell Rae Ciaravola said the Colorado State University Police Department responded to a report that the smell of gas was present in the building.


Jenna Taylor, a freshman Health and Exercise Science major, said the instructor of her biology lab class believed a student accidentally bumped into one of the gas levers.

“We were sitting in our biology lab class and started smelling gas,” Taylor said. “Our lab instructor thought someone had just bumped one of the gas levers, but then all the lab rooms were smelling it.”

Taylor said all the students were evacuated around 6:20 p.m. and waited outside the Yates building for 40 minutes until firefighters told them it was safe to go back inside.

Jerilyn Laws, a freshman Health and Exercise Science major, said students were still uninformed about what the cause of the smell was after the lab ended.

“They don’t know (what happened) yet,” Laws said. “They haven’t told us. A bunch of firefighters came and cleared the building, and then said it was okay to go back in.”

Ciaravola said Poudre Fire Authority found no evidence of a gas leak after checking the building. Students were allowed to re-enter the building after Poudre Fire Authority searched for the leak. According to Ciaravola, there were no reports of an ambulance present.

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