Update: pedestrian killed by train accident identified, smelled of alcohol

Ashley Haberman

The man who was found dead on the train tracks on June 26 has been identified as fifty-four-year old Bradley Orr. Orr was also identified as homeless and, according to the coroner office, had a history of alcohol and smelled strongly of alcohol at the scene. However, tests are still not in to deny or confirm if alcohol was involved.

There have been 1,343 trespasser deaths on railroad tracks in the United States over the past three years, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.  Including Orr, there have been 17 fatalities in Colorado since January 2014. Four of these deaths occurred in Larimer county, and 13 of the fatalities involved BNSF. 


BNSF, the train company who was involved in the fatal accident, was not available for comment.

Collegian reporter Ashley Haberman can be reached at news@collegian.com