2016-2017 ASCSU representatives ratified at last senate session

Gabriel Go

The last session of the 45th senate for the Associated Students of Colorado State University signaled the first session of the 46th senate on May 4.

“Institutions mean more than any of us,” were President Jason Sydoriak’s parting words as he passed the sword, a tradition for presidents to pass to their successors, to the incoming administration under the leadership of 2016-2017 President Daniela Pineda Soracá and Vice President Mike Lensky.


“The knowledge that he (Sydoriak) leaves us with is just as valuable to the student body in the coming year as the knowledge I have,” Pineda Soracá said as she received the sword.

The new senate also saw the promotion of some representatives to more senior positions within the organization. Edward Kendall, previously the director of community affairs, was voted Speaker Pro Tempore, where he enjoyed the support from senators such as Duane Hansen who described his work as, “a notch above anything I’ve ever seen.”

The 45th senate’s final act of legislation was to vote in favor of Bill 4518 on May 4. The policy seeks to enforce CSU’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy within ASCSU, which calls for employees of ASCSU to assess the cost and environmental impact of products before being purchased.

2016-2017 Student Representatives:

Senate Senior Leadership:

  • Speaker pro Tempore – Edward Kendall
  • Parliamentarian – Zachary Vaishampayan
  • Senate Outreach –  Isabel Brown
  • Senate Membership – Lawrence Horowitz


  • Chief of Staff – Emily Fricke
  • Deputy Chief of Staff – Christina Vessa


  • Graphic Design – Laura Morrison Pibel
  • Ambassador – Veronica Baas (To be ratified in the fall)


  • Director – Michael Wells
  • Controller – Josh Silva

State and Local Policy

  • Office of Community Affairs – Pranaya Sathe
  • Office of Governmental Affairs – Josh Williams

University Affairs


  • Director – Kevin Waida
  • Deputy (Graduate) – Ali Abbas


  • Director – Tyler Siri
  • Ambassador – Stephanie Yasa

Environmental Affairs

  • Director – Hanna Johnson
  • Deputy – Nogah Seidemann


  • Director – Spencer Nolan
  • Deputy – Angelica Wright

Traditions and Programs

  • Director – Bobbie Nathan
  • Deputy – Alexis Svenson

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Director – Marco Durazo
  • Deputy – Erin Vargas
  • Ambassador – Dana Henderson (To be ratified in the fall)


  • Director – Nicholas Bohn
  • Deputy – Nathan Rhine

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