Nicholas Morse to run against Congressman Jared Polis

Erin Douglas

(Video Courtesy Nicholas Morse for Congress)


House Rep. Jared Polis, D-CO, has a new contender for his seat in the house after multiple county assemblies were held Friday April 8.

Nicholas Morse received over 90 percent of the vote from republican delegates in the second congressional district. Since no other candidate received more than 30 percent of the republican delegates’ vote, Morse will be nominated to run against the incumbent Rep. Polis in November house elections.

“I think this sends a clear message to the party that the people are behind us, and that’s why we left with 90 percent of the vote today,” said Morse, a 2009 CSU graduate. “I think (Jared Polis) is facing serious trouble, with half of his supporters voting for Bernie and he continues to support Hilary. My strategy is to get out, show people my face and take advantage of his indecisiveness on so many issues.”

Morse said he plans to visit the CSU campus during his campaign.

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