Liquor Limo app delivers drinks to Fort Collins doorsteps

Emily Vavra

Your next great party is only a tap away thanks to Liquor Limo, an alcohol delivery app.

Wilbur’s Total Beverage, located at 2201 S. College Ave. in Fort Collins, partnered with the Denver-based app early this summer. Now, Wilbur’s entire inventory can be delivered directly to the doorsteps of customers within their delivery range.


Once the app is downloaded, users enter their personal information and can begin placing an order, according to Morgan Fanning, front-end manager at Wilbur’s. The minimum order amount is $25 with a $5 charge, but delivery is free for orders of $50 or more. Tipping isn’t necessary.

Users select an hour and a half time window for the order to be delivered, Fanning said. The app specifies the delivery range of each liquor store using the app. Wilbur’s can deliver to most of Fort Collins, according to Liquor Limo COO Kevin Byrne.

“It’s just a way to bring the store to someone,” Fanning said. “It’s easier to have someone bring it to you than to stop everything and drive into town.”

After talking with several liquor stores across Colorado, Byrne said he saw a need for an affordable alcohol delivery service.

“Each store’s message to us was the same: We love the idea of offering our customers more convenience via a delivery service, but the mobile apps that currently exist do not make good business sense for us,” Byrne wrote in an email to the Collegian.

Byrne said he decided to offer the app to liquor stores for free, and utilize in-app advertisements to cover costs.

“We’re the only app offering free delivery in Colorado,” Byrne wrote.

The app can also provide recommendations based on the products users purchase, said Byrne. The Replica Recommendation Engine compares the chemical compositions of different products to provide suggestions.

“Using our commercial chemistry lab in Denver, we test for taste and aroma compounds found in wines, beers and spirits,” Byrne wrote. “To date, we have analyzed more than 15,000 alcohol beverages to capture their chemical composition. So if you like a particular beverage, the Replica Recommendation Engine offers other choices that have a similar chemical makeup, and thus taste very much the same.”

According to Fanning, Wilbur’s customers are satisfied with the delivery service.


“They seem to really like it,” Fanning said. “We definitely have repeat orders.”

The app provides greater convenience for busy customers, but Brody Fretthold, a junior studying journalism at Colorado State University, said he wouldn’t use it regularly.

“I think I would use it on special occasions when I’m having people over for a certain event because it would make it one less thing to worry about,” Fretthold said. “But other than that, I would probably just drive to the liquor store.”

Liquor Limo currently serves 15 stores across Colorado, with another six signed up, said Byrne. Wilbur’s is the only store in Fort Collins to utilize the app.

“This will offer coverage for most communities in Colorado,” Byrne wrote. “We are in discussions with other retailers in other states as our plan is to have a national footprint.”

Collegian Senior Reporter Emily Vavra can be reached at or on Twitter @vivalavavra.