May Day festivities bring colleges together

Rachel Musselmann

Spring spirit was high on the plaza during ASCSU’s May Day event Friday afternoon.

The event, coordinated by ASCSU Director of Student Services William Maher, featured informational booths for every college at Colorado State University, as well as a dunk tank, a mechanical bull and an appearance by Cam the Ram.


Cam the ram makes a special appearance at the May Day celebration and poses for pictures with fellow students on the plaza.
Cam the Ram makes a special appearance at the May Day celebration and poses for pictures with fellow students on the plaza. (Photo credit: Maria Nateras)

“We wanted an event that celebrated the academic side of CSU, which is something you might not normally see,” Maher said. There (are) events for extracurricular activities during homecoming, but this is for the colleges.”

Activities sponsored by the colleges included hopscotch for childhood education, a money booth for the college of business and pot painting for agriculture.

Avery Olson, a biomedical sciences junior who was involved with the event, said May Day was an opportunity for the colleges to interact with students outside of classes.

“It’s cool for people to be able to see what we’re about and maybe explore outside their major,” Olson said. “Maybe they might consider trying a few classes.”

Olson’s booth, veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences, featured three preserved human hearts and a fertilization game played with pool noodles.

Schuyler Rideout, a junior mechanical engineering major, was a volunteer at the engineering booth. She said she liked the event because the colleges could connect.

“It’s a change to show what’s going on in our little corner and see what other majors are up to as well,” Rideout said.

ASCSU Vice President-Elect Taylor Albaugh said May Day was a celebration of the end of the academic year, as well as CSU traditions.

“May Day is a remake of the old College Days (celebration),” Albaugh said. “There are other reflections of CSU tradition, too.”

Symbolic CSU heritage ranged from an Abraham Lincoln “selfie booth” (Lincoln signed the land-grant act that founded CSU) and a huggable tree mascot, Maher said.


Albaugh said this year’s event is just the start of May Day.

“We really hope to see this event expand into multiple days in the future with a concert and a 5k run,” Albaugh said. “We want it to be a break-away from the stress of the end of the year.”

May Day was held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the most popular booths featuring giveaways and prizes.

“It’s so much fun,” Olson said. “Who doesn’t love free stuff?”

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