FutureVisions Symposium gives students a look into the year 2020

Emery Love

Students got a first-hand look into the future Friday.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it,” was the theme of this year’s 5th biennial FutureVisions Symposium held in the Lory Student Center.


Six experts spoke at this year’s event including Tara Bunch, the vice president of AppleCare. All six speakers spoke about what they predict technology will be like between now and the year 2020.

“The purpose of this is to look ahead to the next five years,” said Peter Seel, the co-chairman of the event. “It’s really for the students because that’s the world you’ll be graduating into.”

The event covered new ideas in social media, virtual reality, climate change, human intelligence, portable power and exponential technologies.

“This looked like such an interesting event,” said Alex “Mk” a freshman studying computer science. “I’m just excited to see what their idea of the next five years is.”

FutureVisions Symposium attracted students across many majors.

“I study recreation tourism, but I saw the advertisements and I was excited to come check it out and learn more,” said Adam Raberge a junior at CSU.

The FutureVisions Symposium will be held again at CSU in 2017.

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