Classroom Press with Jess: an unconventional classroom experience

Jessie Trudell

Editor’s Note: The 90.5 KCSU radio station is part of the same company, the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, as the Rocky Mountain Collegian.

This week on Classroom Press with Jess, I did something a little different from normal. I know that I typically interview students or professors about classes they are taking or teaching inside the classroom. However, can’t it be argued that the world is our classroom? Cheesy, I know, but accurate nonetheless.


I sat down with Mimi Hibben, freshman journalism major. Though Mimi will definitely have to take plenty of broadcasting and journalism classes within the next few years, she sought an experience outside the classroom to further her education.

“I immediately got involved with CSU’s radio station, KCSU,” Hibben said. “I know this is what I always want to do, so that’s why I came to a school with such a good broadcasting program with broadcasting opportunities.”

After enduring lengthy training first semester, Hibben was presented with the opportunity to host her own radio show during second semester. She accepted, and invited me on her show this week to get the full experience and an exclusive interview.

“The show’s called ‘The Breakfast Club’ because I imagine people are eating their breakfast or drinking their coffee while they’re listening,” Hibben said. “It’s from 9 to 11 a.m. on Wednesdays.”

Hibben played music of the indie rock, pop and folk genre, with music ranging from artists such as alt-J, Youth Lagoon and Purity Ring. I sat fascinated as she searched the music vault and pulled armfuls of CDs off the shelf.

“I play Youth Lagoon, Purity Ring and RAC every week without a doubt,” Hibben said. “And I always play some San Cisco.”

As I asked the interview questions over live radio, I felt the pressure of trying not to mess up in front of all of the listeners out there. So, naturally, I panicked and cracked a joke.

“Hey Mimi, where do computers go to dance?” I asked lamely.

“Um, where?” she asked.

“At the DISC-O,” I answered, nervous laughter following.


But of course I didn’t stop there.

“Hey Mimi, how do you impress a baker when you’re taking his daughter on a date?” I said in my second attempt, after messing it up quite a bit in my first.

“I don’t know, how?” Hibben said.

“You buy her flours,” I said.

I could practically hear the listeners roll their eyes at me, but I’m just going to pretend it was their unstoppable laughter I heard instead. After that joke break, we got back to business.

Hibben believes her rigorous training through Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation’s KCSU program has amply prepared her for any future broadcasting endeavors.

“When I take my radio classes, I’ll already know how to do a lot of the stuff,” Hibben said. “I’ve been through all of the training, and I’m already doing the radio show every week.”

Hibben informed me that she plays an average of 60 or 70 songs per show every week. In addition, she can ultimately receive credits toward her major for participating in KCSU as a radio show host.

“This is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” Hibben said. “This show is my priority, so right now, this is my classroom.”

Collegian Reporter Jessie Trudell can be reached at or on Twitter @JessieTrudell.