CSU fashion student’s blog celebrates its one year anniversary

Emery Love

During his interview, Jack Savoie shares his successful fashion blog with a smile on his face. (Photo credit: McKenzie Coyle)
During his interview, Jack Savoie shares his successful fashion blog with a smile on his face. (Photo credit: McKenzie Coyle)

Colorado State University freshman Jack Savoie was only a senior in high school when he started his fashion blog, The Savoie Daily. According to Savoie, his blog gets an average of 2,000 views each month.

“I’ve been asked to promote a swimsuit line and to collaborate with other bloggers,” Savoie said.  “I even shared my link with Nordstrom, and now they follow me on Twitter.”


For Savoie, the blog has become a full time job, one that he has to manage on top of his school work.

“It gets difficult to balance school and The Savoie Daily,” Savoie said. “Whenever I have any free time, I use it to get posts out to my readers. Sometimes I even write up short posts in between classes if I have to.”

Luckily for Savoie, his apparel and design classes often go hand-in-hand with his blog posts.

“I’m constantly looking at fashion, so the blog seamlessly blends into my classes,” Savoie said. “I often find myself writing about things I learn from my design classes.”

Savoie was first inspired to start The Savoie Daily by following popular fashion blogs online.

“I did hours of research before I started because I wanted to make sure it was something I really wanted to do,” Savoie said. “I found so many blogs that I loved, and was so inspired by them.”

According to Savoie, it was his parents that first got him interested in fashion.

“My parents have always been very fashion forward,” Savoie said. “I was immersed into labels as a young child and so that has always stuck with me.”

Savoie has found that his blog changes as often as his style does. His blog has changed from writing about women’s fashion to men’s fashion — now he just blogs about whatever interests him.

Followers of The Savoie Daily see the blog as a representation of who Jack is.


“I think his blog is an expression of his passion with fashion,” said Mimi Hibben, a freshman at CSU studying radio and TV broadcasting. “Most freshman don’t take control of what lies in their future. Through his blog, Jack has been able to do that exceptionally well.”

The Savoie Daily has attracted many loyal followers, including 19-year-old Olivia Hill.

“I’m an email subscriber, so I get notifications every time he posts,” Hill said. “He inspires me to be bolder in my fashion choices.”

Savoie looks to his friends, classmates and professors to inspire him to keep updating The Savoie Daily.

“I would love to have more CSU students check out my blog,” Savoie said. “There are so many talented students here. I would love to get their opinions on my work, and hear their ideas on how I can improve it.”

Savoie’s blog can be found at http://thesavoiedaily.com or on Twitter @TheSavoieDaily.

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