ASCSU elections: Sydoriak-Albaugh campaign fined $95, Yearby-King fined $10

Ellie Mulder

Three complaints were brought against Associated Students of Colorado State University presidential election campaigns during a Friday elections committee meeting — two against the Yearby-King campaign and one against the Sydoriak-Albaugh campaign.

The Sydoriak-Albaugh campaign was fined $95 for sliding campaign promotional material under residence hall doors in Braiden 2NE. Fliers were slid under 19 residence hall doors, and each was treated as a separate minor violation, receiving a fine of $5 each.


“I took this action independently and without the consent or knowledge of either the campaign team or the actual candidates,” said freshman Josh Williams during the elections committee meeting. Williams was the Sydoriak-Albaugh campaign volunteer who campaigned and distributed fliers in his residence hall.

Williams added that he only learned that campaigning in a residence hall is not allowed the morning of the election campaigns meeting, and that he was not previously aware.

“We heard about (our campaign’s violation) earlier in the day, and we had decided that from that point forward we were only going to be offering … material to people who were close to the core of the campaign,” said Andrew Bondi, Albaugh and Sydoriak’s co-campaign manager. “When we first started out, it was kind of bumpy — leadership was a little fragmented, and we’ve definitely pulled it together, and we’ve made a pretty significant turnaround.”

The Yearby-King campaign was fined $5 for using a megaphone to campaign on a declared sound-rights free day, which, according to the witness statement given by Elections Manager Andrei Gurau, “gave one campaign a one-day unfair advantage.”

The Yearby-King campaign was also fined $5 for purchasing $47.85 worth of coffee and hot chocolate from the Lory Student Center catering service and distributing it without having it approved as campaign material.

Both of the Yearby-King campaign violations were considered to be minor.

Kwon Yearby reached out to the Collegian with a statement from his campaign saying they “believe that the recent actions of the Sydoriak-Albaugh campaign are bordering the line of cheating and have given them an unfair advantage.” When asked about his own campaign violations, he said that, “The megaphone use was a miscommunication, and the hot chocolate was an accident.”

As a result of these violations, the Yearby-King campaign will have a total of $10 subtracted from its election spending limit, and the Sydoriak-Albaugh campaign, $95.

Collegian Reporter Ellie Mulder can be reached at or on twitter @lemarie.