3 services that will cleanse social media profiles of unprofessional content

Zara DeGroot

Social media has become the choice form of communication, especially in our generation. While daily documentation of one’s thoughts and random happenings can be entertaining (and time consuming), it also has the potential to ruin your reputation during job hunts or grad school applications. Potential employers or school admissions will search you on the Internet, and that obscene post from high school homecoming 2010 could make or break your employment or admittance.

Fear not: There are online services that have you and your reputation covered. If you want to clean up your Facebook and Twitter profiles and eliminate inappropriate content that you’d rather not share with professionals, check out these services:



Reppler is a social media reputation monitoring service. Allow Reppler to access to your Facebook profile, and it will scan it for inappropriate posts and send you a warning of what to delete. Granting access to your Facebook should make you raise an eyebrow, but Business Insider published an article about it, adding to Reppler’s credibility. In addition to evaluating content, this app monitors security to protect your profile from hackers or scams.


Socioclean is another service that monitors your Facebook posts and deletes any poorly judged, inappropriate content that has potential to bite you in the butt and harm your reputation.

Ajax Social Wipes

Ajax Social Wipes cleans up spam on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Sign in to your social media accounts through their site and rid off all those pages “likes” from 2009.

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