CSU students can mentor high school students through 2015 summer sustainability program

For those Colorado State University students interested in sustainability, The School of Global Environmental Sustainability will be hiring mentors for their summer 2015 Pre-College Summer Sustainability Program. The mentors will be able to learn more about sustainability alongside the pre-college students, while being provided with housing and pay for mentoring the sessions. 

“I would highly recommend students apply to be a mentor in this program,” said Jacob Kimiecik, former mentor for the program. “There are a number of experiences that, although designed for the participants, are just as interesting and educational for undergraduates.”


The program shows students interested in sustainability sciences how this type of science can apply to real life situations, giving those unsure of college an idea of what their next step can be.

“(Sustainability) supports all the majors on campus,” said Kristin Pintauro, communications coordinator for SoGES. “With the climate change coming up, I think a lot of corporations are hiring sustainability experts.” 

The mentors chosen are not only there to assist in the function of the program, but to show the high school students the education CSU has to offer.

Participants and their mentors will be going on hikes, rafting adventures in the Poudre river and trips to Old Town to have a hands-on experience with sustainability. The program will allow participants to engage with CSU professors in various departments about their connection to sustainability research. 

“I think the most interesting thing about this program, and I think the thing I personally like the most, is that it is not something that you learn from a classroom,” said Carla Gamboa, green marketer for SoGES. “You can have very interesting talks with scientists about interesting things such as water, and then you can go rafting through the Poudre Canyon right after.”

The SoGES offers a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability, but those who apply for the mentorship are not required to be working toward that minor. The applicants must have an interest in sustainability and want to learn more while assisting the pre-college students in expanding their own knowledge.

“Many of these high school students are interested in sustainability but don’t necessarily know what it means to incorporate sustainability into their lives and futures,” Kimiecik said.”Being in a position to help guide them into that was great.”

Those interested in applying to be a mentor for the program or who know a pre-college student who may be interested are encouraged to contact SoGES by emailing soges_ssp@mail.colostate.edu or calling 970-492-4215.

Collegian Reporter Danielle Jauregui can be reached at news@collegian.com or on Twitter @danij27