Crocheting just got sexy, CSU student to thank

Dina Alibrahim

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Crocheting tops is no longer just for grannies.


Cari Heroux, a student at Colorado State University, crochets sexy tops inspired by music festivals and Egyptian goddesses.

Heroux started her handmade clothing business, called Fairy Pretty Designs, with her own two hands. She is 21 years old and a senior studying international studies.

“Fairy pretty clothing pushes the limits of handmade clothes; it’s art, not just clothing,” Heroux said.

Heroux’s clothing business features mostly crocheted cotton tops, but also refurbished vintage tees and high-waisted jean shorts found in thrift or consignment stores in the Denver and Chicago areas.

Heroux began crocheting her senior year of high school but was not serious until a friend showed her a YouTube video about crocheting. Initially, she wanted to start making bikini tops.

When Heroux wore her clothing out in public she noticed how much people liked her tops. In the summer of 2013, Fairy Pretty Designs was born and started with music festivals in mind.

What began as bikini belly shirts and bandeaus quickly grew into more wearable clothing such as tank tops, shirts and dresses when Heroux realized people wanted more.

So far, Heroux is the only person who crochets for the business. It takes her about three hours to crochet a bikini top, which took her twice as long when she first started the business.

“Sometimes I crochet under the desk in class,” Heroux said. She enjoys adding to her inventory whenever she gets a chance.

One of Heroux’s favorite designs she makes is the dreamcatcher top because of its original design.


Paris Tingley, a communications major at CSU and Heroux’s good friend makes the high waisted jeans for Fairy Pretty. Tingley finds the jeans of different styles and sizes, cuts and dyes them by hand.

“It’s very customized,” Tingley said. “We make a lot before people order to give them an idea, but we can make whatever people like.”

They also have the support of friends to help model and spread the word about Fairy Pretty Designs.

Carly Stein, also a senior in the communications department, models Heroux’s custom made tops.

“Fairy Pretty is a very versatile company that appeals to various girls around the world,” Stein said.

Fairy Pretty Designs began selling internationally, with a couple in Canada and one in Norway.

Heroux has big plans for her clothing business in the future. After she graduates, she hopes that she will have enough cliental to open up a shop in Denver or California or travel around to music festivals and sell her clothing there.

Heroux hopes to eventually use her crochet business to get into a snowboarding and ski line. She would like to design snowboards and boots one day, though it would probably not involve much crochet.

To find out more about Fairy Pretty Designs, visit their online store at fairy

They also have an Etsy store, Facebook, or Pintrest.

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