Where to spend your RamCash

Smoothies, coffee, Taco Bell, bagels, Panda Express and more bagels.

Those are just a few of the things you can spend your RamCash on.


When you purchase a meal plan, your RamCard gets loaded up with $100 in RamCash. Dorm washers and driers in the dorms only accept RamCash – save up for your laundry.

Other than soap suds, there are a variety of fun ways to spend your RamCash throughout the year.

“I blew most of mine on Panda Express and Carl’s Jr.,” said Alex Hall, a senior liberal arts major. “It’s nice not having that money come out of your pocket.”

From the food courts in the Lory Student Center, the coffee shop in the Behavioral Sciences Building, printers at Morgan Library to the smoothie shop in the Recreation Center, RamCash is accepted at most establishments on campus.

“I didn’t have much left for laundry by the end of the semester, but it was worth all of that extra food,” Hall said with a smile.

Some students are more careful about how they budget theirs, but still find room to indulge in the many food options offered on campus.

“I had spent my RamCash on bagels and laundry,” said Natalie Alexander, a senior apparel design and merchandising major and Ram Welcome leader. “I have a lot of clothes so I needed it for that, but I also loved using it at The Bagel Place.”

RamCash will carry over every semester, and is accepted for parking services or a haircut at James Salon in the LSC.

If dining hall food isn’t satisfying your craving, RamCash can be used to pay for a gourmet meal from the Aspen Grille when it reopens in September.

“Smoothies from Ram’s Horn and the rec were definitely clutch,” said Sam Caniglia, a junior construction management major. “Those were so convenient. That was probably my favorite thing when I was a freshman.”


Students can add more cash by making a deposit to any of the 11 RamCash Deposit Stations located conveniently throughout campus.

Have some fun with RamCash – there are plenty of options.

Collegian Senior Reporter Emmett McCarthy can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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