Diversify yourself at CSU

Colorado State University is committed to offering offices to different subcultures and demographics where students can express themselves, come together with students who have the same values, build leadership characteristics and define their identity in a positive light.

Diversity offices at CSU work to open up tough conversations, provide support and enable growth from identity. Find your place on campus on the diversity offices around campus.


Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center

The Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center offers programs that build leadership, enhancing cultural understanding and the opportunity to volunteer. The A/PACC center offers programs to enable students to become more involved in CSU and find their own ethnic identity

Location: LSC West (Campus Rec Center Mac Gym)
Phone: (970) 491-6154

Black/African American Cultural Center

The Black/African American Cultural Center (BAACC) provides programs to African American students. They support and encourage students academically, professionally, culturally and individually. The center works towards sharing cultural information and awareness of  African American students to CSU and the Fort Collins community.

“Generally a lot of active educational programs are offered,” said Mo Wells, junior social work major. “We do teaming with outside organizations like ASAP (Associated Student as well as mentor programs.”

Mentor programs work with students in the Fort Collins community to learn their identity as an African American and give the opportunity to CSU students to provide a positive outreach and dynamic to students in the Poudre School District.

Programs like “Real Talk” give CSU students an opportunity to discuss what it is to grow up as an African American and converse over social issues.

Location: LSC West (Campus Rec Center Mac Gym)
Phone: (970) 491-5781

El Centro

El Centro promotes leadership, growth and awareness of  Latinos and Hispanics at Colorado State University. Programs offered support leadership, cultural appreciation and promote support and retention of students. The Triunfo K-5 Volunteer Tutoring Program provides community outreach and 12 peer resource leaders sit on staff for first-year students.

Location: LSC West (Campus Rec Center Mac Gym)
Phone: (970) 491-5722

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

The Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Resource Center (GLBTRC) works to break down barriers and support students who identify with the GLBT community. They seek to foster a campus free of prejudice, bigotry, harassment and violence by designating space for all members of CSU to explore and increate understanding of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in a judge-free environment.


Location: LSC West (Campus Rec Center Mac Gym)
Phone: (970) 491-4342

The Native American Cultural Center

The Native American Cultural Center (NACC) gives a community to Native American students. They focus on a positive learning experience for students while at CSU and support them into adulthood and their professional life. The goal is to recruit other students, work on community outreach and to be an agency of support of the graduation of Native American students.  Cultures and morals of Native Americans are shared and considered cornerstone to the center.

Location: LSC West (Campus Rec Center Mac Gym)
Phone: (970) 491-1332

Resources for Disabled Students

Resources for Disabled Students (RDS) assists disabled students in the CSU community, giving them access to educational support and opportunities to excel, mandated in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation At of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. The office provides support for temporary and permanent conditions including, but limited to, mobility, hearing, seeing and learning limitations.  Health conditions include, but are not limited to, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, celiac, and concussion.

Location: 100 General Services

Phone: (970) 491-6385 (V/TDD)

Women and Gender Advocacy Center

Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) is an informational center offering programs to extend social knowledge on social justice, interpersonal violence prevention and equal opportunities for men and women alike. The resources include a hotline, counseling and support for victims of sexual violence, stalking, sexual harassment and relationship violence. WGAC works to provide a safe environment for students while supporting change to end all forms of oppression within the community.

“We encourage students of all gender to come,” WGAC sent the Collegian in an email. “We offer many programs and are starting up YouTube videos students can watch.”

Location: 112 Student Services
Phone: (970) 491-6384

Adult Learner and Veteran Services

Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS) aims to support the non-traditional students in their transition to CSU, including adult and veteran students. ALVS provides a broad range of resources to aid in the advancement of adult and veteran students both academically and professionally.

Location:  Lory Student Center, Room 288
Phone: (970) 491-3977

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