UPDATE: Students fight back robbers near CSU

Police-Helmet-Sticker-HH-0038A CSU sophomore said that he and four friends were hanging around their living room Monday night when three men in masks with baseball bats broke in, prompting a fight between the household residents and the burglars.

Two of the suspected burglars have been arrested, while one has not been identified by police yet. He is described as approximately 6’1″ tall, wearing a mask and a red hoodie.


Sophomore Evan Hayden said that three men in masks entered their house that night, located on West Laurel street, and stole their cell phones and wallets. Hayden thought that the burglars were searching for cocaine, based on their shouts for “the stash” and “the blow.”

Hayden said that there was no cocaine in the household, and was unsure why the men thought there would be.

As the men were leaving, Hayden said that he stopped one of them to ask for his cell phone back, and the man shot bear-mace at Hayden.

Hayden, who said he has been wrestling most of his life, tackled the man to the ground, prompting the other two men to start hitting Hayden with their baseball bats. One of the men hit Hayden in his kneecap.

“I could barely walk after that,” Hayden said.

At this point, Hayden says his friends joined in the fight.

Police arrived at 8:52 p.m. and arrested one of the suspected burglars, 18-year-old Spencer Crocker, as he was trying to flee the scene.

A second suspect, Dillon Crosgrove, 21, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and was arrested after being released.

Crosgrove and Crocker were arrested on the charges of aggravated robbery, burglary and theft, according to police reports.

During the incident, Hayden sustained a ligament-related injury to his knee as well as cuts to his head and bruises on his back. He said he is now fearful for the well being of him and the other household residents.


“Why me? Why this house?,” Hayden said. “(We are) scared for our safety.”

Anyone with information about the third suspect or the incident is asked to call Fort Collins police detective Jaclyn Shaklee at 970-416-2771 or Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868.

Collegian Crime Reporter Caitlin Curley can be reached at news@collegian.com.