ASCSU Presidential Candidates Announced for 2014

The start of Spring Break marked the beginning of another election season after the Associated Students of CSU announced the student body presidential candidates for 2014. There will be four different campaign platforms for students to choose from.

“I think that this year there will be a candidate for everyone,” said ASCSU Elections Manager Lexi Evans. “I’m very impressed with the reach that these candidates have.”


Evans referred to the diversity of candidates running this year with both ASCSU and non-ASCSU officers composing the pool of eight.

This year three of the eight candidates running have not been involved with ASCSU in the past, although have other involvement at the University.

Running this year will be:

Presidential Candidate

Vice Presidential Candidate

Campaign 1

Deep Badhesha, liberal arts and economics major, former ASCSU Admissions Ambassador

Naomi Lyle, liberal arts and English major, President of the National Residence Hall Honorary

Campaign 2

Alexander Corona, liberal arts and political Sciences Major


Iris Hentze,  liberal arts and political science major

Campaign 3

Chelsey Green, natural sciences and Psychology Major, Executive Director of RamRide

Kohl Webb, Business and marketing major, ASCSU Diversity and Retention Officer

Campaign 4

Samantha Guinn, veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences major, ASCSU Deputy Chief of Staff

Lance Li Puma, veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences major, ASCSU Director of University Affairs

Campaigning will officially start on March 24, 2014, however, with LSC construction underway, it will look different than it has in past years. This year the four different campaigns will be spread out across campus, with only one set of candidates in the plaza at one time.

Campaigning will last 13 days and include debates on the plaza as well as a final official debate. ASCSU will monitor each campaign to ensure that they are following rules for campaigning.

According to Evans every full time student is considered a member of ASCSU and is eligible to run for presidency if they meet the GPA requirement of 2.25.

Campaign platforms for each party will be announced after Spring Break.

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