Marching with the Rams

Hearts pounding, lights beating down overhead, instruments poised and ready; it’s show time.

Every game day, the CSU marching band delivers an incredible performance to over 30,000 screaming fans.


From the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin to the NFL season opener, the marching band has kept themselves busy with many high profile performances.

The marching band spend six hours a week devoted to rehearsing in order to deliver their infamous performances at Rams football games.

“We’re on that field before the football team gets there, practicing until they get there and when they do, we give them a royal welcome. We’re their biggest fans (by) practicing all day and all week for them and their fans,” said Chelsea London, a CSU senior and current member in the front ensemble of the band.

Playing at home football games allows the marching band to keep their momentum going in between high profile events

“I saw them (perform) in Fort Collins a couple weeks ago and I think they’re doing really well. There was a lot of great energy and they were playing really good songs and sounded great,” said Siana O’Donnell, a CSU alumna and former band member.

Being that those in the marching band put so much effort into making their shows a success, it is no surprise that they are getting noticed.

At the halftime show for the NFL season opener, the CSU marching band was given the unique opportunity to be part of the show.

“The head of entertainment for the Broncos called us up so we could coordinate what’s possible for this year.  The fact that they call us for some pretty high profile events speaks really well of the way they look at our band,” said Dr. Richard Frey, the associate director of bands at CSU.

The season opener tested the Ram’s ability to pull off an amazing performance in front of 75,000 Broncos fans and showcased the hard work put into each rehearsal.

“Once you get over the initial, ‘Wow there’s a lot of people,’ you just settle into the show. You focus on your music and deliver the best performance you can,” London said.


In addition to the NFL season opener, the marching band took a once in a lifetime trip to Dublin in the spring of 2012 to perform at the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

When sending 300 students and their instruments across the world, it can be a long process for all involved.

“It was such a unique experience and something that I’m going to remember forever. Getting to see that we were a part of something that was so big was just awesome,” O’Donnell said.

Performing for a crowd of around 600,000 people in Dublin allowed the marching band members to gain international recognition.

“When we were there, we were awarded with the title of best adult marching band, so it was cool to see our hard work pay off.”

The marching band members want to see continued success after receiving such high praises at the St. Patricks Day parade.

“The trip to Dublin was an honor recognizing us as a great band. In the future, I hope that the band can continue to be successful and receive more international recognition,” London said.

“When you put so much time and effort into a trip like Dublin, the next year you want to continue to maintain a momentum and the enthusiasm,” Frey said.

While there are not any high profile events scheduled for the marching band in the near future, everyone involved hopes to see their success continue to climb.

“I hope that the band keeps doing what it’s doing — it’s on a good path as it is right now. If anything gets in our way, we’ll just plow over it,” London said. “I can’t see us doing anything else other than just being awesome.”

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