On-campus stadium plan revised, more classrooms added

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Update 7:13 p.m.:


The amount of academic space in question is 55,000 feet, though 30,000 more would be possible.

Frank proposes the new stadium over a remodeling of Hughes stadium primarily because it would be difficult to raise the necessary funds to do so.

“It’s very difficult to generate philanthropic funds for plumbing,” Frank said. “It doesn’t generate a lot of enthusiasm from donors.”

Though Frank was originally planning on waiting 30-60 days to move into design development, other board members urged him to move into the stage now in order to allow for community input.

“It’s time to reach out,” one board member said.

Frank anticipates coming back to the board in six months with another update.

Original Story:

After CSU President Tony Frank’s meeting with the Board of Governors today, plans for the on-campus stadium are still moving forward.

The anticipated total cost of the stadium has decreased from $246 million to $226.5 million — by $19.5 million. The BOG is currently deciding, however, whether or not to add academic facilities in the stadium — an addition that would cost $17.5 million.

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Frank updated the board on the stadium’s financial plan, provided a preliminary timeline, possible decreased cost of the facility and discussed non-athletic use for the building.

“They’ve always been saying they want the on-campus stadium to be more than just a football field,” said Associated Students of CSU Chief of Staff John Stockley. “They’ve wanted classrooms from the beginning.”

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Frank anticipates the university will need one million square feet to maintain academic facilities for the growing student population.

According to Stockley, ASCSU is always here to try to get student input and relay to the administration and the board of governors the student voice, especially
about the proposed stadium.
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“We have reasonable confidence that we will be one-third of the way there at the end of this year,” Frank said. “The confidence to succeed is pretty high.”

Some governing board members raised concerns.

One board member said that the city of Fort Collins might not be on board with the project. In response, Frank said he thinks there is a great desire for the city and the university to work together.

Despite ultimate support from the BOG and approval to move forward, students also remain divided on the issue.

“There are students who are very much for it and students who are a little hesitant,” Stockley said. “There’s not a solid consensus among students.”

The alternative plan to fix Hughes Stadium would cost $30 million.

“It is in the university’s best interests to move forward with this,” Frank said.

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City Beat Reporter Caitlin Curley contributed to this report.