Whitewater rafting in Husum ‘thrills’

English: Whitewater Rafting at the USNWC
English: Whitewater Rafting at the USNWC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whitewater rafting trips are popular throughout the U.S. as an adventure sport that everyone ‘has to try once.’ According to StatesmanJournal.com article “Whitewater rafting on White Salmon brings thrills and beauty,” by Zach Urness, whitewater rafting trips “have been commonplace on the White Salmon River for decades.”

A “Tigard resident was in a raft heading toward the edge of Husum Falls, a 10-foot vertical drop on the White Salmon River known for flipping boats like dirty socks in a washing machine,” Urness wrote.


Whitewater rafting trips down the White Salmon will thrill any newcomer, or enthusiast, be sure to read more at StatesmanJournal.com.