Pool-ception: A swimming pool inside a river

Example of a pool in a river. The +Pool will be cross-shaped. Photo courtesy of Peter Robinett, flickr.com.

New Yorkers will finally get the chance to safely swim in their rivers this summer for the first time, according to Adam Roy of Outside Magazine. After raising more than a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter, a 35-foot by 35-foot prototype of a floating river pool will become a reality.

“Conceived of three years ago by a group of architects, engineers, and scientists, the cross-shaped +Pool uses a uses a chemical-free filtration system to remove bacteria and pollutants by using a pump to draw the water through a multi-layer filtration system,” Roy writes in the article.


The final, Olympic-sized +Pool will cost $15 million to build and will have a kids’ pool, lounge pool, lap pool and sports pool.

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