Man climbs Pikes Peak in record 8 minutes. Yes, minutes.

Deutsch: Sebastién Loeb bei der Deutschland-Ra...
Deutsch: Sebastién Loeb bei der Deutschland-Rallye Trier 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sebastien Loeb demonstrated the epitome of American athletics, if you consider sitting in a car a form of athletics.

Pikes peak, known for it’s beauty and climbing opportunities, was used as a race track for an extreme sport this week.  Loeb summited the peak in just over 8 minutes, according to AutoBlog.


Driving a Red Bull sponsored race vehicle, Loeb took over 150 turns in the 12 mile climb.

Video of the entire drive can be seen here. If you want to see the points we found most interesting, fast-forward to the 6 minute mark, and later to the 8 minute mark. Soon after both of those timestamps, Loeb drives extremely fast near some of the highest cliffs in the US.

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