K2 Avalanche kills father-son guide team

K2 August 2006
K2 August 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After climbing to base camp 3 on K2 in Pakistan in extreme weather conditions, it was discovered that, father-son mountain guide team, Marty and Denali Schmidt’s tent had been struck by an avalanche over the weekend. According to Dougald McDonald’s article “Avalanche Takes Father and Son on K2,” on Climbing, since dangerous weather conditions persist, no further search will be conducted.

“Despite some fine successes in the mountains of Pakistan, this summer will go down as one of the deadliest in that country’s recent history for climbers,” McDonald wrote. “Since the horrific terrorist incident on Nanga Parbat in June, there have been several other dramatic and tragic situations on Pakistan’s 8,000-meter peaks.”


The Schmidt family duo were well respected among the climbing community, according to the article.