Camping in New York City: Yes, it’s possible

When someone says “New York City,” what comes to mind? Skyscrapers, noise, crowded streets, the Statue of Liberty. Definitely not camping – but that’s exactly what Conde Nast’s Daily Traveler is encouraging folks to do.

Gateway National Recreation Area. Photo courtesy of Alyson Hurt.

“There’s a side of New York that plenty of tourists don’t think about—the natural side. And the best way to experience it is by exploring the Gateway National Recreation Area, a sprawling network of parks that spans three boroughs and even part of New Jersey,” writes Tara Abell. “Thanks to Gateway, you can pitch a tent in Brooklyn, track wild birds in Queens, and learn 200 years of military history in Staten Island.”


Gateway National Recreation Area offers “urban camping” for $20 per night at both tent and RV sites – quite a steal when it comes to an overnight stay in the Big Apple.

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