ASCSU candidates to hold plaza Q&A today

Students will get a chance this afternoon to fire off questions to ASCSU presidential candidates Nigel Daniels and Wendy Bowling.

Taking place from 11:45 a.m to 1 p.m. in the Lory Student Center plaza, the Q&A will be hosted by a moderator who will field questions from students. The candidates will be able to respond individually to each question and have back and forth dialogue to contrast their policies and viewpoints.


After having set up booths and meeting students in the plaza this week, both candidates said they’re looking forward to being able to further familiarize themselves to students and get the word out on their platforms.

“Really, I just hope to be able to get the word out about our initiatives and platforms,” Daniels said. “Hopefully it sparks conversations with students across campus.”

“This gives us the ability for students to meet with us, ask about initiatives and see the difference between campaigns,” said Bowling.

Bowling said her campaign has a list of 15 initiatives that a feasibility report determined can be accomplished. Some of the “hot topic” initiatives she wants to accomplish are revamping the RamRide dispatch system by utilizing a smartphone application and working with the city to amend the U+2 housing ordinance.

“We want to create long term initiatives that can be sustained for many years,” Bowling said.

Daniels said he has spent time in three different branches in ASCSU and is “familiar with everything” in regards to how student government is run.

He said his platform emphasizes making ASCSU a resource where students can make their voices heard and influence university policy. Daniels also wants to expand online access to the Collegiate Readership program, among a host of other initiatives.

“I want to bring a fresh perspective to the organization through my experience both inside and outside of ASCSU,” Daniels said.

More formal debates are scheduled next Wednesday in the LSC Theatre from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

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