Sheriff announces “strong opposition” to Amendment 64

Colorado’s proposed Amendment 64 would give the state the most liberal marijuana laws anywhere in the world.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, who said he believed his duties involved speaking out on issues of public safety and concern, announced his strong opposition to the amendment Wednesday.


“It would be like taking the problems experienced with the introduction of medical marijuana dispensaries in local communities and multiplying them ten-fold,” Smith said.

Amendment 64 to Colorado’s state constitution would allow the personal use and regulation of marijuana for adults 21 and over, with the intent to regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol.

Sheriff’s deputies recently began taking the same safety precautions in marijuana grow houses as they do in meth labs, citing dangerous mold spores discovered on some test samples.

In addition to health-related dangers, Smith gave other reasons for his opposition. These included increasing drug-related school suspensions among youth and a sharp rise in marijuana DUIs since the state sanctioning of medical marijuana businesses in 2009.

“Our kids have too much promise and Colorado is a state with too much natural beauty and potential to let it become the pot capital of the world,” Smith said.

For more information contact Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith at (970)-498-5101.