Morgan Library Becoming Information Technology Center

Steve Hayman, senior consulting engineer for Apple, was invited by the Morgan Library to come to campus Monday to teach more than 200 students how to go about the process of iOS app creation.

With more than 400 million Apple iPhones sold through June and more than 35 billion Apple iOS applications downloaded to this date, about 70,000 developers have submitted an iOS application to get a chance to taste a piece of that sweet Apple pie.


XCode is a suite of tools for developing software on Mac OS X, developed by Apple. All iOS applications are created with this XCode, Hayman said.

Even though XCode is in a programming language known as “Objective–C”, Hayman showed how to use the XCode application in a way that anyone without prior coding knowledge could use it to build beginner applications.

Hayman went through step-by-step in the XCode application how to create a simple flashlight application.

Hayman also noted that there are 155 countries around the world that have Apple App Stores, which houses more than 700,000 apps.

He wanted to show that developing apps in different languages is essential to iOS application development.

By bringing Steve Hayman to campus, Morgan Library has shown an interest in giving students a chance to learn how to use many different types of technologies, said David Ramsay, director of Strategic Relationships at CSU.

“What we’re focusing in on is making the library the information and technology center for the university,” Ramsay said. “… we’re going to be crossing over and trying to educate people with technology and then also having the most amount of information that the library normally does. And that kind of convergence between those two of information and technology is probably best suited in the library.”

He added that iOS app creation is a significant interest to students at CSU.

“Just the amount of iPhones that are out there…it’s pretty pervasive,” Ramsay said. “The apps for those seems like that really relates to students. Students are always interested in developing things, and you know many apps were developed in college dorm rooms.”

By bringing in lecturers from Apple to speak to students, Morgan Library believes this will help usher in the convergence of the library and information technology.


Morgan Library will also be hosting a series of Apple training seminars focusing on how to use the latest iOS operating systems and devices.

These seminars will be led by CSU’s own Apple representative Brandon Tejera.

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