Not hosting Paul Ryan’s Victory Town Hall Meeting on campus shows CSU is not a priority for the Romney campaign

Multiple political analysts have noted that Larimer County will be instrumental in the upcoming presidential election. Since Colorado State University is the focal point of Larimer County, however, it is strange that Paul Ryan has chosen to host his event so far from our campus.

Obama’s visit to the CSU campus was palpable the day of and leading up to the event. Discourse intensified in every classroom and the campus was abuzz in political fervor — everybody was talking about the president.


With Ryan, however, many students have been completely unaware of the upcoming town hall meeting, and his appearance has barely made a ripple in campus political discussions.

Paul Ryan’s Victory Town Hall meeting is 20 minutes away from CSU, to be precise, at Walker Manufacturing — which technically isn’t even in Fort Collins; it’s in Timnath! The youth vote will be a decisive factor this November, and the Romney campaign is missing out on a critical opportunity to tap into the energy of more than 26,000 students on the CSU campus.

As a young, lively VP candidate, much of Ryan’s addition to the Romney ticket was to court younger voters — especially Ron Paul diehards. As one of the more conservative universities in Colorado, much of Ryan’s target audience is right here on campus and would’ve loved the opportunity to hear him.

There are many students at CSU that would like an alternative to Obama, but the Romney/Ryan campaign has failed to deliver. While Ryan’s campaign team insists that students are a focus of this event, actions speak louder than words. CSU is obviously not a priority of the Romney/Ryan campaign.