UPDATE: motorcycle and car collide near Colorado State, police confirm

Rose Crouch shows her back left bumper, which sustained damages after a CSU student rear-ended her by Shields Street and W. Elisabeth Street on Thursday morning. She estimates it will cost several thousands of dollars to repair.

Emergency vehicles huddled around the scene of a two-vehicle collision on W. Elisabeth Street and Shields Street (on the west side of Moby Arena and Westfall Hall) responding to a 7:46 a.m. emergency call on Thursday, said Fort Collins Police Services.

“A minor fender bender,” said a police officer at the scene. “Nothing exciting.”


No one was hurt, but a motorcycle damaged the left side panel, bumper and rear light of another car, according to its owner Rose Crouch. The trunk was dented and the car will have to be repainted, she continued. Crouch estimates several thousand dollars in damages were made to her car. She plans to file an insurance claim to pay for damages.

Crouch was on her way to work driving north on Shields Street in slow traffic with her husband, John, when a motorcycle going about 20 mph rear-ended their car.

“I hate driving on Shields and Elisabeth,” said Brad Jakobitz, the motorcycle’s driver and a senior computer science major.

“It’s crowded,” Crouch said.

Spokeswoman Rita Davis said officers were currently at the scene investigating the crash as of 9:20 a.m. Such investigations are standard routine behavior, she said.