Frank may address higher education funding in annual ‘State of the University’

CSU President Tony Frank gives his annual Fall Address Thursday at 11:30 a.m. on the Oval to talk about the state of the university.

The Allison, Parmelee, T-DEX, Ram’s Horn, Ram’s Horn Express and the Sports Grill at Ram’s Horn dining centers will be closed at that time, according to the university. Only Braiden and Corbett’s centers will remain open.


The address is preceded by a ceremonial march at 11:15 a.m. and followed with the University Picnic, which will include food and entertainment from Blue Grama, a Fort Collins bluegrass band. The picnic has occurred every year since 1997.

The university expects to have about 3,500 people in attendance.

Frank will speak about the last academic year and the one that’s yet to come, according to CSU Spokesman Mike Hooker. He will also address the state of higher education funding in Colorado.

“[For] the past 20 years, the state used to pay two-thirds of educating a student the state now pays for one-third and the student pays for the rest,” Hooker said. “It affects students around campus and it affects the university.”

The speech may also include how the university is preparing for a possible decrease in state funding for CSU.

The free picnic that follows will give attendees a choice between a Santa Fe turkey sandwich or a vegan cilantro-edamame hummus wrap.

“It’s a nice time to hang out on the oval,” Hooker said.

It is expected to be 72 degrees and sunny during the speech, according to The Weather Channel.

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