CSU 2012 Diversity Symposium

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Colorado State University 2012 Diversity Symposium

Colorado State University prides itself on their outstanding attempts in incorporating diversity not only in their coursework but also in the incoming population of students they accept every year. Incorporating diversity is very important, however it’s hard for students and faculty with the busy lives they lead to remember this concept everyday. This week, Colorado State University is having their annual Diversity Symposium that will offer a unique opportunity to remind everyone to incorporate diversity in their everyday life.

The 2012 Diversity Symposium begins September 18th and runs through September 20th and will be held at CSU in various rooms of the Lory Student Center. The schedule of the speakers, the rooms and times will be posted on the CSU Diversity home page.


The Diversity Symposium is an event that encourages individuals, student or staff, to get involved, hear professional speakers and embrace the diverse culture of Colorado State University. It offers a chance for students to communicate with one another and gain knowledge about various cultures, the people of that culture and their personal opinions on today’s issues. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself by trying to understand beliefs outside your own, a chance to see life through another’s eyes.

This year’s theme for the symposium is “Access, Attainment, and Responsibility,” which was created in hopes of expressing the importance and sparking interest in the evolution of access in higher education while acknowledging the 150th Anniversary of the Morrill Act. CSU is not only proud to introduce, various speakers who are discussing issues concerning diverse cultures but also a keynote address by Sherman Alexie.

Alexie is a member of the Spokane Tribe in Washington and is well known for his incredible work in film, poetry and the countless published novels that cease to please his fans. Alexie’s intends his work to dismiss any stereotypes or myths about Native Americans. His address will be Tuesday, September 18th at 7 p.m. and I strongly encourage students and faculty to attend.

The 2012 Diversity Symposium will be an exciting and unique experience that will offer a chance to embrace the diverse world we live in.

Challenge yourself, I think you will be pleasantly surprised in what you discover.