Upperclassmen reveal pet peeves with CSU’s newest students

Every year, the first day of fall semester rolls around and the species upperclassmen dread most sets foot on CSU’s campus once again–freshmen.

Junior interior design major Brittany St. Cyr found herself frustrated by freshmen striking up unnecessary conversations in class or on the bus.


“Just because we’re sitting next to each other for a five-minute ride at 8 a.m. doesn’t mean we should shake hands and get acquainted,” St. Cyr said. “I just don’t want to talk to anyone that early!

“Or when freshmen guys think just because they are big hot-shot college guys now that they can hit on every girl that walks by. There’s a time and place to have game.”

Junior Josh Gladfelter was also annoyed by some freshmen on campus.

“They don’t know how to walk through the plaza without cutting somebody off,” he said.

Senior apparel merchandising major Courtney Wolfe was irritated by freshmen “acting like little ants on the weekend, running in the streets.

“Or how they consume Sundance on Tuesday nights –– annoying!” she said.

Ali Ambrogio, senior human development and family studies major, said she gets annoyed with freshmen “when they wear their lanyards with their keys and carry around Housing and Dining water bottles.

“Basically making it as obvious as they can that they’re freshmen,” she said.

St. Cyr added she felt her relationship with freshmen was similar to a sibling relationship.

“The older I am, the more frustrating it is because there is more of an age difference,” St. Cyr said. “Your differences in general just feel even more exaggerated.”


St. Cyr explained that freshmen should admit it when they don’t know something to make themselves more relatable.

“All things take experience and time,” she said. “And after all, we all were in their shoes at some point.”

Collegian writer Emily Smith can be reached at news@collegian.com.