Renovation days are over

Lory Student Center Theatre opens with Friday moving showing, art events“Back To The Future,” “Grease,” “Toy Story,” and “Men In Black 3” are four movies usually not seen together in movie previews, but on Friday night these previews kicked off “The Avengers” showing at the grand opening of Lory Student Center’s Theatre.

Each of the films previewed will be shown over the next month to celebrate the LSC’s 50th birthday.


“The Avengers” showing is the first of the LSC’s 50th birthday celebration events that will continue on through the month of September. It was also the first event held at theater since a $65 million renovation began in the summer of 2011.

“It took a lot of man power and a lot of hours to do and it was exciting to see how impressed the students were seeing it,” said Doni Luckutt, the director of marketing for Colab, an events-planning and marketing group for the Lory Student Center.

About 100 students attended the Avengers showing, which was a good turnout according to Emily McCormick, the Lory Student Center coordinator.

“That’s pretty good for the Friday of the first week of school,” McCormick said. “We had a lot of great student talent today.”

Events for the theatre opening, which took place between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, included booths and performances on the plaza, free hot dogs in the Sculpture Garden and an exposition of artwork at the Curfman Gallery.

Smaller events also took place throughout the day including a surprise flash mob on the plaza at 1:50 p.m. that was orchestrated by CSU’s Swing and Tango clubs, and a tour of the theater by the LSC governing board.

Friday’s events were “designed to give the students an idea of what the theater can be used for once they’re inside,” said Mike Ellis, the vice president for Student Affairs.

The renovated theater will be open to host events ranging from concerts to receptions, lectures, films, banquets, and a variety of other events.

A moveable seating structure allows the theatre to be transformed to accommodate a variety of events. The retractable seating system is one of the first of its kind in the United States, according to the LSC website.

Friday’s grand opening is the first event of many to come in celebration of the LSC’s 50th Anniversary. Through the month of September, Colab has orchestrated more than a dozen events in honor of the LSC reaching its half-century birthday.


As the month of September progresses, Colab will take CSU students through a journey of the decades. Other events include balloon artists, caricature artists, magicians, and a time capsule on the Plaza.

The celebration activities will culminate with Homecoming and Family Weekend on Oct. 5.