Committee says on-campus stadium is feasible

stadium_web by .Traffic and parking. Sound and lights. The future of PERC.

These were identified as some of the primary concerns that Fort Collins community members had with the proposed on-campus stadium. But, as announced Thursday night by the Stadium Advisory Committee, university officials believe that these concerns should not be roadblocks to the $246 million proposal, which, as the committee told CSU President Tony Frank, is entirely feasible.


“There will be challenges both financially and logistically for a project of this size,” said Amy Parsons, the university vice president for Operations and co-chair of the stadium advisory committee. “… But we have determined that it is feasible.”

Frank said he will make a decision as to whether or not continue with the project by the October CSU System Board of Governors meeting, which will be held in Fort Collins. The committee said it believes that the stadium can be completed by 2015..

“I don’t intend to be hurried in my decision, nor do I want it to dominate out university discussion as much as it has,” Frank said.

Other developments from the meeting include:

-the decision to, if the on-campus stadium is built, move the PERC greenhouses to an area near the Gardens at Spring Creek

-A consensus that the CSU campus and surrounding areas had ample parking and infrastructure if a stadium were built

-An estimation that between $40 and $220 million could be raised via private donations for the stadium, and $10 million could be raised via naming rights

-The size of the proposed stadium was reduced from 776,000 square feet to 640,000 square feet, a figure roughly twice the size of Hughes Stadium

-It was determined that 40 projects would need to be completed in Hughes Stadium between now and 2020 to keep it on working order, totaling around $30 million.

For a detailed news analysis of the on campus stadium proposal, check out the Aug. 20 issue of the Collegian.