7 strange Halloween trends of 2018

Linc Thomas

Halloween is upon us, which means it’s time to bring out the freaks, myself included. Here are 7 Halloween trends of 2018 that call out the weird ones.

Rick and Morty Couples costume
Rachel Lozano and Brandon Boxler smile in a Rick and Morty couple’s costume. Photo illustration (Alyse Oxenford | Collegian)
  1. Rick and Morty Couples Costume:

No matter how many Rick’s or how many Morty’s show up to the party, it perfectly aligns with the show. The dynamic, universe-hopping duo constantly run into themselves from other universes in the show. The perfect Rick? Any witty drunk dude. The perfect Morty? Any of them. They’re all the same awkward and stuttering sidekick. 


2. Pumpkin Carving:

Tons of pumpkins are grown every year from May to October only to be purchased and carved into a face. According to the USDA, 69,340 acres of pumpkins were harvested in the United States. Nothing embodies the Halloween spirit more than stabbing something and leaving it on your porch to rot.

3. Hunter and Deer Couples Costumes:

If you and your significant other wanted to go as Dora the Explorer and Diego but don’t want to face the awkward reality that they’re cousins, this is your safest bet. “Let’s go as a hunter and deer” basically signals to everyone else that you grew up in Wyoming and you’ll mansplain the entirety of ‘The Godfather’ to anyone that will listen.

Pumpkin carving
Pumpkin carving can be a great avenue to release your creative flow, as well as stress relief through gutting and carving something. (Alyse Oxenford | Collegian)

4. Pumpkin Spice Kahlua:

Most reviews on Influenster describe this variety of Kahlua as unique, full-bodied, complex and oaky. Just kidding. It’s cheap, tastes like pumpkin and not sold in Colorado. Sorry!

5. Irrational fears of drugged candy:

Dear moms, I understand that you fear for your children’s safety, but there has never been any account of poison ending up in Halloween candy. If fear of drugged candy is the reason your kids cannot trick-or-treat, just sift through the candy at the end of the night and remove anything unwrapped or suspicious. Most of the time, no one is going to go out of their way to buy drugs just to give them away for free.

6. “Tricks” while Trick or Treating:

If an 11-year-old is standing at the door with an actual magic kit and starts doing some tricks, give them all the candy. They deserve it because they are trying. 


However, if an 11-year old is standing at the door making things levitate and controlling the lights, you should probably run.

halloween costumes on display
Shelves of Halloween costumes on display. During Halloween, there are many costume options that are not offensive. (Abby Flitton | Collegian)

7. Donald Trump costumes:

It is understandable how easy it would be to dress up as Donald Trump: a white dress shirt, a suit, a tie and of course a MAGA hat. In an article for Mashable, writer Chole Bryan states, “If you aren’t directly targeted by racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and otherwise derogatory media, it’s also worth considering those who are. Would they think that costume is funny? Maybe. But that’s not for you to decide.”

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