4 Shotgun Shooting Tips

Rachel Rasmussen

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If you are a beginner at shotgun shooting, it may take you a while and a lot of practice to become an expert. To help you when you’re first starting out, here are four shotgun shooting tips for beginners.


1.SAFETY FIRST: always make sure you are wearing the appropriate hearing and eye protection while you are out shooting. Keep your gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot a target and watch where you are pointing the barrel of your gun at all times.

2.GETTING PREPARED: before you go out shooting, make sure your gun is properly fitted to you and figure out your dominant eye. According to MEC Outdoors, you find your dominant eye by standing up tall, pointing your finger at an object across the room, take turns closing your left and right eyes, if the object moves when one eye is closed then your other eye is dominant.

3.PROPER FORM: when shooting, you will want to have the correct stance; front leg slightly bent, back leg straight, bend a little at the waist, and lean forward a little into your gun. Also make sure you are properly holding your gun by holding the butt of the gun tightly on your shoulder, between your collarbone and arm. Be sure that your elbow on your shooting arm is parallel to the ground and place your cheek against the top of the stock. Your eyesight should be level with the rib of the gun and the bead at the end of the barrel.

4.PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: practice your mounts/swings with the proper stance. Make it a habit to focus on the target rather than looking down the barrel of the gun and be consistent with following through with the shot by keeping the barrel moving and focused on the target.