Burnt popcorn prompts evacuation of Lory Student Center

Marlo Lundak and Ravyn Cullor

Firetrucks gathered outside the Lory Student Center on Thursday afternoon. (Marlo Lundak | Collegian Video) 


The Lory Student Center on the Colorado State University campus was evacuated for approximately 20 minutes on Thursday around 11:45 a.m. after fire alarms were triggered.

The alarms were set off after a bag of popcorn was burnt inside the building, firefighter J.J. Guthrie said.

Justin Moinester, assistant fire marshal at Poudre Fire Authority, said the burnt popcorn was found in room 130 of the LSC.

Students and staff who were on scene during the evacuation said there was nothing unusual happening before the fire alarms sounded, and the evacuation was calm.

The Poudre Fire Authority and CSU Police Department responded and cleared the LSC.

Yerke Serikov, a senior studying physics who works in the LSC, said the evacuation was an unexpected event on a “regular Thursday.”

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