Students overloaded with nostalgia by Disney+

Emily Pisqui

Lightsabers, pixie dust, superheroes and a lot of nostalgia have moved into one new home. On Nov. 12, the Walt Disney Company launched Disney+, a new streaming service that quickly attracted over 10 million people on its release day.

Disney+ is available to watch through its website or to download as an app on any smart device. All Disney subsets, including Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic, are available for streaming. Not only can streamers access classics like “Lizzie McGuire” and “That’s So Raven,” but they can also view new shows such as “The Mandalorian,” “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”


Even though Disney+ may seem like it’s only for children or die-hard Disney fans, the streaming service brings nostalgia to many college students. The new Disney streaming platform got a lot of students talking, especially because it launched around midterms, creating a perfectly imperfect reason for procrastination. 

I see so much talk about (Disney+) on Twitter. It’s cool that it is bringing people together over old shows or movies we used to watch.”– Rose Carter, sophomore

Rose Carter, a sophomore at Colorado State University, said she would not be signing up for Disney+ because as a college student, the $6.99 in monthly payments would add up.  

“I know there are many classics on there, which is nice, but it can be overwhelming,” Carter said. “I see so much talk about (Disney+) on Twitter. It’s cool that it is bringing people together over old shows or movies we used to watch.” 

Liah Davis, a junior at CSU, said she would watch “Lilo and Stich” first.

I think that Disney+ was a good idea because a lot of us grew up with Disney, and a lot of the movies and shows we watched are all gone and a totally different generation is being shown different content,” Davis said. “It’s good to turn back to our childhood and see those shows and movies and have easy access to that.”

Stephanie Cloughesy, a sophomore at Colorado State University, said Disney creating a streaming service is cool because it has all the old stuff people forgot existed. 

“The first thing I’d watch is Hannah Montana because that was my favorite show growing up,” Cloughesy said. 

It has been debated while the hype of this new streaming service will last, but one thing is for sure: Disney+ isn’t going anywhere. In fact, more original shows will be coming out next year. Sit back and enjoy yourself with some Disney classics, or watch a new series available now.

Emily Pisqui can be reached at or via Twitter @emilypisq15.